Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cafe Rozella Movie Night is Seattle Weekly Pick of the Week

The Cultured Cafe

Thought Fremont was the Center of the Universe? Café Rozella has been challenging that claim—championing its White Center location—since 2005 by offering an atmosphere of progressive politics, world music, literary goings-on, and films every Friday night. It's your typical coffee shop, where people still check e-mail and passive-aggressively flirt, but with a few more things on the calendar. Tonight, check out Final Friday Film Freakout No. 2, a new monthly film and noise (as in avant-garde music) series. Olympia's Devon Damonte, who has screened his direct-animation films at Northwest Film Forum and festivals around the country, will show recent work, along with films by Chris Ando. Damonte's are abstract motion graphics made by hand, without cameras, and he'll present a workshop on that process at the cafe on Saturday, March 1. In the "New Center of the Universe," you might discover another artistic one.

Donation requested. Fri., February 29, 8:00pm

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